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Berlin, Thursday, 2013-10-10, 6:38 am - The archangel Gabriel started together with Feroniba a revelation. Read more at terasof.com/gabriel.html

Everyone is invited to participate - you can contact Feroniba via Skype: lovetheuniverse, or visit him, currently in Berlin or Leipzig, Germany. If you like to support the revelation with the qualification to serve God and the angels with a pure heart, you are invited to stay with Feroniba, in his appartment or with his friends, maybe soon in the nature or in the new eco village.

The revelation will be a manifesto on building a perfect loving group which will be able to share pure love with qualified members.

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Lucid Dreams

21.12.2011, 2:10 - 4:20 am Vancouver, Canada

Feroniba got initiated in 24/7 lucid dreaming.

" I will not be able to tell all events, because my angels and masters wouldn't allow me so, out of logical reasons, which I will explain here soon. What I can reveal for you and love to do so is:

1. I finally learned how to fly in the best way.

2. I saw people walking through walls, tried it and can do the same.

3. I can choose any goal I want and will be there in seconds.

4. I can become invisible for others.

5. I can become as small or big as I want to be.

6. There are the same karmic reactions as we know them in our material world. Be careful!

7. I can hear the music I want to hear and play it simultaniously in the material world. Hear some examples at feronibaraminhassani.com

8. I am now learning how to meet my angels, masters and God. I learned it already with meditation techniques in 1995 and can contact them 24/7. Just doing the same with the lucid dream technique is new.

9. I can teach anyone of you in ludic dreaming, if you decide and follow all principles of love forever. They will be online soon.

Best wishes for you in your spirit progress :-)"

Read more about Feroniba's dreams and lucid dreams at >>> diary


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Dream School

You can contact Feroniba for this purpose at Skype-name lovetheuniverse. Write him a message, he will answer as soon as possible. Don't just add him as friend, he won't accept it!

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More Spirit Spheres coming soon ...


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